• Advice right from the start
  • Design as a process
  • In-house tool engineering enables speed and flexibility
  • Three technologies under one roof
  • Mass-manu­factured product vs. custom-made product
  • Customised logistics



Thermoforming - moulded products

We select the production method that is most suitable for your products in accordance with your requirements and cavity shape. We process plastic films in PC, PET, PP, PS and PVC.



Extrusion - profiled products

We extrude profiles for many kinds of appli­cations. Our extruded products range from complex technical profiles to clamping profiles, and all of them are distin­guished by their excellent quality.



Injection moulding - precision products

Our injection moulded articles are made of thermo­plastic materials. They all satisfy the most demanding require­ments of accuracy and precision as a result of our high quality standards.


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